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Anonymous asked:
why do muslim women wear a scarf over their head? is it so that they are judged through their personality rather than looks?


Well you got an idea of it. Thats more of an outcome.

In Islam it is mandatory for women to cover their heads and body (in front of men they are eligible of marrying) when they begin to menstruate. Reasoning to be because of Muslim women are empowered to be the flag poles of Islam. They are to be educated so when approached by a questioning person they know how to answer. A long with this is the reason because its non-mahram men (men who aren’t of their family that they can marry) is so that MEN would learn to not objectify them, and like you said go first and foremost their personalities. Not saying that hijab makes girls ugly. Yes, it does beautify us but in a different way then what today’s idea of beauty is. The way muslim women cover bodies now a days is supposed to be the highest intellect that man and woman could achieve from Adam and Eve to now.